Apple Found Glucose Monitoring After An Interesting Survey

Glucose Monitoring

Apple is recently surveying Apple Watch Users where they found a health feature (Blood pressure monitoring, blood oxygen level, sleep tracking, glucose monitoring) needy for their users.

Previously, in 2020 Apple surveys the power adapter to the iPhone users, and the iPhone 12 was launched without including a power adapter. The recent survey is focused on health features

In the survey Apple first asked about the features in WatchOS Workout App, step counting, reminders then the company wants to which of them is mostly used.

Usually, Apple focusing on user experience as well as user requirements.

New rumors floating on the air- Apple Watch Series 7 may be launched with Glucose Level Sensor, expected to launch next year.

By the way, what are your favorite features of Apple? What your Opinion? Is Apple missing something Valuable? Share Your Opinion.

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