Amazon’s New Chapter | Jeff Bezos Hand Over The CEO Role

Amazon's New Chapter

From the start of the journey, Amazon was holding the hand of its’ founder, and CEO, Jeff Bezos. Now, Amazon’s new chapter is coming.

From 1995 Amazon was not one of the greatest companies that’s care for their customer in a different empathetic way. Jeff always emphasizes customer satisfaction.

This philosophy makes it the largest e-commerce company. Recently, Jeff wants to leave the position of CEO in amazon.

There are so many queries, well, but we think you guys are interested mainly in these following questions.

  1. Who is the new CEO of Amazon?
  2. Why does Jeff Bezos want to leave the position Of CEO?

Well, let’s know the crucial factors inside the Amazon.

Who is the new CEO of Amazon?

On Monday, Jeff Bezos stepped down from the position of CEO by lifting the responsibility to Andy Jassy. Andy used to manage the Amazon’s cloud computing department.

He was an early partner in Amazon who takes the helm of a $1.7 trillion company. On the other hand, Amazon is facing activism from a restive workforce just as a rapid economic recovey that causes labour crash.

Amazon defeated an attempt of workers to unionize at an Alababa warehouse earlier this year.

Why Does Jeff Bezos Want To Leave The Position Of CEO?

Actually, in post Bezos said that he had planned to give more time to side projects called such as Blue Origin (The Space Exploration company).

Most us are unaware about the childhood dream of Jeff. Bezos want to travel in the space. On July 20, Blue Origin will make its’ first flight to the space witht crew.

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