After FDA Approvals, Apple Pushes Staff Vaccination

Apple Pushes Staff Vaccination

Urging all U.S. workers to get shots as soon as possible now that the Food and Drug Administration has started formally approving the injections. Eventually, Apple pushes staff vaccination.

iPhone maker launched a new internal web page, sent a memo to employees, and is hosting internal talks as part of the campaign.

What Company Said In The Memo?

The company said in the memo “Apple is asking everyone who has access to the vaccine and is able to get vaccinated to do so as soon as you can,” and was sent to staff Thursday evening.

Apple’s vice president of health efforts, Sumbul Desai, and vice president in charge of real estate, Kristina Raspe, are also hosting talks to encourage employees to get the shots.

In addition, The company’s web page for employees discusses Covid-19’s delta variant and explains how a vaccine could help prevent its spread.

The company also emphasized that the version made by Pfizer Inc.

And BioNTech SE has received official approval from the FDA.

Apple Has Cited Employees’ Privacy As It’s Reason

The company also has offices in both red and blue states, and mandating vaccines could be difficult in some regions for political reasons.

An Apple spokeswoman didn’t respond to a request for comment.

One month before, Apple ramped up its optional Covid-19 testing program, requesting employees get tested three times per week.

Moreover, The company will require all corporate staff back to the office, but several times the plan had delayed.

Initially aimed to have all staff back in June, and then later asked staff to all return by early September.

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It pushed that back to October and again until January. It has told employees it will give them a one-month warning on a return deadline.

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