After A Recent Update, OnePlus Will Remove 300 Popular Apps (Know The Reason)

OnePlus will remove 300 popular apps

A piece of uncertain news for OnePlus users. OnePlus will remove 300 popular apps after a recent update. A recent update of the company says they will not tolerate any apps that reduce their user experience.

But there are Applications that are highly useful for everyone such as Twitter, Google Chrome, and so on. Here, OnePlus is targeting those apps that are harming the performance level.

But why OnePlus is taking such strict steps where you need to kick off the Apps like Twitter, Google Chrome. However, some unpopular apps are allowed to access the core X1 CPU.

User Feedback Says About The Poor Performance

XDA suggested limiting the performance of over 300 apps. The team has decided to take user feedback as they do usually. Where several users have complained that flagship phones offering a poor battery life.

In the feedback section, they have also shared other required improvements for better heat management and battery life.

OnePlus says,

“Our top priority is always delivering a great user experience with our products, based in part on acting quickly on important user feedback”

As a result, the research and development team is working on the App’s processor to meet the power supply.

They are doing their best to improve the quality of a smooth experience with low power consumption.

Prior to the OnePlus, acknowledgment, Geekbench shows disappointment to the OnePlus. In the statement, Geekbench said that the OnePlus handset making performance decisions based on Application Identifiers rather than application behavior.

Furthermore, Geekbench will also test the other devices from the brand in its’s performance lab to see whether if these handsets also manipulated performance in the same way.

What do you think OnePlus will remove the 300 popular Apps? Or they should ask the user for better suggestions. Let us know in the comment below.

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