A Large Screen OPPO Tablet Leaked (More Than Shocking)

A Large Screen OPPO Tablet Leaked

Recently, Screen Oppo tablet leaked a very large that is high beneficial to the users. You must check the details to grab the deals.

It’s been many years since OPPO has been making smartphones, it has ventured very little outside of that comfort zone this year with the first wearable devices launched and also With its expansion to other markets like smart TVs.

OPPO seems to be looking at ways to tie its growing products together, and that way could be a large screen hub that would be the company’s first tablet.

Digital Chat Station on Weibo Revealed that this OPPO tablet is almost a dead knocker for the Huawei MatePad 12.6, which itself takes cues from the iPad Pro’s design.

There’s a large screen with thin bezels that leave enough room for a front-facing camera.

Whether this OPPO tablet will also have a 12.6-inch screen is still unknown at this point.

The Leak Of News Also Includes

It also includes notes about the user experience OPPO has planned for users of the tablet.

That includes a version of the company’s ColorOS that’s designed to look and feel more like a desktop than a mobile device.

That includes a persistent dock and desktop widgets which should sound familiar to iPad Pro users.

OPPO seems to be late to the game. Its goal, however, might not be to create an all-in-one entertainment and productivity device but a smart ecosystem hub.

When it plans to reveal its first tablet, however, is still unknown, and the company seems to be more focused on publicizing its imaging technologies at the moment.

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