5 Mind-Blowing Earphone Hacks And Secrets

Earphones have become an essential accessory for us. We use them but have you ever think about its mind-blowing hacks? Yes, I am talking about earphone hacks and secrets.

If you are using earphone then you must continue reading. Who knows some of the hacks proves useful for you.

That’s enough. We like to provide short introduction. Let’s dive into the hacks.

Earphone Hacks

Use As A Touch Screen Operator

Touch screen operation is generally operated with our fingers, right! Almost 100 out of 100 times, we use our fingers to use touch the functions, located in our device.

touch screen operator by earphone plug
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But in some cases, you have felt that if you would have a sharper finger or other operators. If you are drawing on your tablet or trying to touch a particular small section then you must have a touch stick.

plug as a sharp operator
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Here, your earphone jack will be a useful option. You can operate all the narrow functions with the help of an earphone plug.

Photo Clips Without Touching Mobile Screen

We don’t know if you have faced difficulties while taking selfies.

Sometimes Zoom In and Out don’t work well, and “the timer” is confusing enough that we can’t give our best expression at the right moment.

Take a snap by earphone | earphone hack
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Well, don’t be worried, we have a solution and we think you might know this earphone trick.

Yeah, you can take a beautiful snap by clicking your play/pause button.

Make sure you have properly connected with the smartphone.

Use To Appear Branded

Smart people choose smart gadgets (smartwatches, wireless earphones, smart home accessories) where ultra-smart people use them more smartly.

If you are one of those who cares about grooming then you must try this trick.

Consider, you are in a hurry, and just put on a t-shirt with hot pants. Although, you wanna look a little bit smarter.

smart uses of earphone

Then you can take a Bluetooth earphone neckband or wireless earphones.

It gives the touch of premium finishing. No matter how casual you wear just take a well-functioning earphone (Obviously, Choose Your Style) and change your appearance.

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Earphone Facts

First Headphone Was Only Having Single Earpiece

The Most simplified version of modern headphones was designed in 1880.

It weighs between 6-11 pounds and has a single earpiece. With a mouthpiece transmission, it had to be connected.

The whole setup has to be rested on the operator’s shoulder. Had they ever thought that we would use wireless earbuds?

Noise Cancellation Was Designed For Aeroplane Pilots

I would like to recall a famous quotation,

“Not Competition But Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention”.

Dr. Amare Bose (Founder Of Bose Corporation) was trying on a newfangled piece of air flight entertainment. But he was disappointed when he heard the annoying air engine noise.

As per the report, he opened his notepad immediately and started putting down his ideas for noise-canceling headphones.

First noise canceling earphone

Initially, noise-canceling earphones were integrated into the aviation industry. Bose was concern about the effect of hearing loud noises that could be harmful to crew members.

In addition, his first noise-canceling earphone prototype was used as a major initiative. Some of its designs were used for fights.

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