Day: November 9, 2021

New Update On Raspberry Pi OS

New Update On Raspberry Pi OS | Debian Bullseye Released

Last time, we have introduced new updates on 2019 on Raspberry Pi OS. Now, it’s time to get another surprise as a new update on Raspberry Pi OS is released. As a Raspberry user, you might now every two the OS brings big updates for its users. This time we have several crucial behind-the-scenes change […]

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Endpoint Protection Tool For Linux

Endpoint Protection Tool For Linux, New Feature From Microsoft

Very recently, Microsoft has added some new and useful security benefits to the Endpoint protection tool for Linux. This security update will change the privacy, and security of the whole system, you are currently working on. The most interesting part of this addition is the Endpoint detection, and response (EDR), and the Antivirus(AV) will be […]

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