Day: May 28, 2021

Sunder Pichai Says About IT rule

Do you What Sunder Pichai Says About IT Rule India?

Since February, the Indian government was talking about social media, OTT securities. Social platforms are firmly instructed to reestablish their term and condition about end-to-end encryption. But Here we going to know what Sunder Pichai Says About IT rule in India? Last week a trending topic appears to call a social media ban. But what […]

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Smart Handwashing

Have You Tried “Smart Handwashing”? | Only For Galaxy Watch Users

Staying hygienic is now a never-avoiding option. Musks, sanitizer is our best friend now. But have you tried “Smart Handwashing”? Usually, we used to wash our hands but smart handwashing makes you ensure that almost 99% of the germs vanish. Here, Samsung obeys its responsibility. In the ‘Hand wash’ App, Samsung offers “Hand Wash” features […]

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