Day: May 22, 2021

Intel Core i5-11400 Update

Could Intel Core i5-11400 Update Work Without Heat Dissipation?

Although Tiger Lake-H had taken the current protagonism of the Intel catalog for laptops, other current chips, such as the Intel Core i5-11400 update, also deserve a lot of attention. And it is that in the mid-range is, in the end, the choice by the majority, who seek a balanced position between price and performance. […]

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Kobo Elipsa launched

Enhance Your E-reading With Digital Note-Taking | Kobo Elipsa launched

A surprise for all e-readers, when Kobo Elipsa launched they would not expect such a craze but online readers are truly fascinated with the brand new features. In the e-Book reading patterns, people used to love resolution, display, functioning, weight, and so on. But the question is, what are the advantages that attract readers? Well, […]

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