Day: May 12, 2021

Mars Helicopter captures image

NASA Captures Its First Aerial Color Image From A Mars Helicopter

2nd April 2021 NASA captures its first color image from a Mars helicopter. The image was captured with high defination colored camera. Mars Helicopter Captures Color Image Of Mars Surface With the help of the helicopter, NASA capture the surface of the Mars from different angle. In the photograph, we can see the surface features, […]

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Top 10 Interesting Wednesday Thoughts

10 Most Interesting Tweets On Wednesday Thought

Guys, first of all, welcome to Buyers-Value where we talk about interesting and latest updates on product facts, reviews, and so on. Today, we researched “Wednesday thought” on Twitter. Where we have found some interesting tweets. Hence we want to share the tweets and the accounts. On Wednesday, you will explore something new and exciting. […]

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