Month: May 2021

Does Fitbit Smartwatch Measure Blood Pressure

Does Fitbit Measure Blood Pressure? (Know Everything)

Almost every fitness lovers are curious to know – Does Fitbit Measure Blood Pressure? To tell the truth, creators and tech influencers have agreed that blood pressure monitoring is the feature that Fitbit lovers want to have on their wrists. After Covid-19, we are now more health-conscious. Blood pressure, heart rate, sleep (Tracking), Blood oxygen […]

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Twitter Ban

Is Twitter Ban Confirmed? (Bad News For Twitter Users)

The Twitter ban is difficult to accept for Indian citizens. There are several famous social platforms in the Indian atmosphere (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat) but Twitter is the place where most engaged people live. Thanks to the Twitter algorithm that they have given such a platform where we can develop a discussion. After the announcement […]

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Sunder Pichai Says About IT rule

Do you What Sunder Pichai Says About IT Rule India?

Since February, the Indian government was talking about social media, OTT securities. Social platforms are firmly instructed to reestablish their term and condition about end-to-end encryption. But Here we going to know what Sunder Pichai Says About IT rule in India? Last week a trending topic appears to call a social media ban. But what […]

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Smart Handwashing

Have You Tried “Smart Handwashing”? | Only For Galaxy Watch Users

Staying hygienic is now a never-avoiding option. Musks, sanitizer is our best friend now. But have you tried “Smart Handwashing”? Usually, we used to wash our hands but smart handwashing makes you ensure that almost 99% of the germs vanish. Here, Samsung obeys its responsibility. In the ‘Hand wash’ App, Samsung offers “Hand Wash” features […]

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social media ban

Is Social Media Ban Really Happening?

Indian youths are worried about the social media ban probabilities.  The Majority of entertainment is relying on these platforms.  Social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and OTP platforms like Netflix were in top supervision of IT sections of the Indian government.  What Does The  Indian Government Want From Social And OTT platforms?  From 25th February […]

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Microsoft is different now

Satya Nadella Says Microsoft Is Different Now In 2021 Than 2000

According to current Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Microsoft is quite different now. At a time, someone among the reporter asked him about the”inappropriate relationship” of Bill Gates with a female employee. But in reply, Mr. Nadella represents something punchy. He says the company is “very different” than 2000. After 25 years, Microsoft made him the […]

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Swiss K31 Snipper Loadout Explained

Swiss K31 Sniper Loadout Explained | Call Of Duty New Weapon

For Call Of Duty fans, good news has come up with a video. After the Warzone season, 3 reloaded updates, the warzone has changed their refile to sang over than the previous popular Kar98k. Swiss K31 Sniper Loadout Explained hence let’s continue reading. Call of Duty content creator “NICKMERCS” has come forward with a brand […]

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Intel Core i5-11400 Update

Could Intel Core i5-11400 Update Work Without Heat Dissipation?

Although Tiger Lake-H had taken the current protagonism of the Intel catalog for laptops, other current chips, such as the Intel Core i5-11400 update, also deserve a lot of attention. And it is that in the mid-range is, in the end, the choice by the majority, who seek a balanced position between price and performance. […]

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Kobo Elipsa launched

Enhance Your E-reading With Digital Note-Taking | Kobo Elipsa launched

A surprise for all e-readers, when Kobo Elipsa launched they would not expect such a craze but online readers are truly fascinated with the brand new features. In the e-Book reading patterns, people used to love resolution, display, functioning, weight, and so on. But the question is, what are the advantages that attract readers? Well, […]

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Galaxy Tab S6 Lite and Galaxy Note 9

The Security Update Of Galaxy Tab S6 Lite and Galaxy Note 9

For Samsung Lovers Galaxy Tab 6 and Galaxy Note 9 is an especial edition. A couple of months ago when the big One UI 3.1 firmware update made its debut then the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite was secured with the March 2021 security patch. Now Samsung is now improving the tablet’s security through a new […]

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