Is It True That Xiaomi Has Received A Patent?

Xiaomi has received a Patent

Is it true that Xiaomi has received a Patent? Well, every year Xiaomi tries to innovate a lot of features in their gadgets.

Previously, Xiaomi implements several features in their gadgets. But those were not applicable in the commercial devices.

Recently, we have found a website in China that says, there is a patent to Xiaomi for describing a smartphone with an atypical design for the selfie camera.

In the smartphone industry, there are many advanced selfie camera creators but this type of camera is rare.

The whole imagination draws a outline of the camera.

Such as the model itself is rotating, which may be different to understand. Well, this type of model is rare in the smartphone market.

That’s why we are assuming that there are few chances where they could try this type of model.

Data And Source: GizChuna

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